Mayyan Cohen

PhD Student

 I completed my B.A and MA studies in the School of Occupational Therapy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My MA thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Adina Maeir at the neurocognitive rehab Lab, dealt with the differences in self-awareness of adolescents with and without ADHD. As an Occupational Therapist and a researcher I am fascinated by the variability and inconsistency of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning of people with ADHD. My current research focuses on the interaction between emotional and cognitive self- regulation of adults with ADHD in ecological context.



Levanon-Erez, N., Cohen, M., Traub Bar-Ilan, R., & Maeir, A. (2017). Occupational identity of    adolescents with ADHD: A mixed methods study. Scandinavian journal of occupational    therapy, 24(1), 32-40.